Basic Live Streaming Instructions

  1. Get a firm date time nailed down
  2. WL can help you promote your gig 
    1. Send WL your information  event name, date time , and link to WL ASAP
    2. Send videos
    3. Send photos and or graphics in support of you event
    4. The sooner we have it the sooner we can start promoting and planning
  3. Choosing a venue
    1. Social distance (covid-19 measures)
  4. Technical Requirements
    1. Need a good internet connection with at least 5mpbs upstream per feed
    2. It should be tested prior to your event. (
    3. For example
  5. Real Time Audience feedback
    1. Do you have a way to communicate with your audience while the live event is going on?
  6. Lighting
    1. Make sure the camera is not too far and the light is good enough to see your face(s)
    2. If it’s dark try adding some small light sources
  7. Sound quality
    1. Your audience will stick around if the sound is high quality. People’s brains can tolerate the video quality wandering all over as long as the audio quality stays consistently good.
  8. Social Networks
    1. Give some thought to the audiences and limitations of the various platforms you plan to go live on (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, tiktok)
    2. These different networks and apps, have many different characteristics that directly affect your audience, how they can experience, share and interact with your event.
  9. Donations
    1. If you’re raising funds to help a charitable cause get that choice made ASAP. Links and info for this will be needed
  10. Fundraising
    1. If you want to be accepting some funds tips, payments for yourself. Links and info for this will be needed.
  11. Test test test
    1. If you want you can send us your test links so we can provide feedback


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