From Jeff Maynard

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

    *** Parent Learning opportunity tomorrow night on WhistlerLIVE! ***

As you may know, Mr. Bent and I have been collaborating on a weekly webpage around Learning and Brain: Understanding the Adolescent Brain.  In keeping with this, we have updated a week #4 page .   Before the break we had planned to host a parent meeting this week with local clinical counsellor Greg MacDonnell to provide education and discussion for students and parents around the broad topic of “Raising Healthy Humans”.  WSS started this series in late February with the topic of healthy relationships and sexuality.  SCE and MPE were planning to host Greg this week to discuss these topics with our parents and students. 

In light of the current times, we have decided we would like to adapt this presentation and address some more pertinent issues around the changes we have all experienced due to the spread of COVID-19. We will discuss anxiety and ways to recognize it, strategies for self-care, normalizing feelings and the importance of human connections.  If you have ideas or questions about things that you would like addressed during this presentation, please email them to (WSS), (MPE) or (SCE) with the subject line “topics for presentation.”

This presentation will take place in the form of a live broadcast on Tuesday evening at 6:30pm presented by Whistler Live.  It will be recorded so that parents who are not able to watch will be able to see it at a later day.  

The link to sign in tomorrow on TUESDAY APRIL 7th at 6:30pm is


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